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What Are The Treatment For Periodontitis?

Gum diseases are a prevalent challenge faced by all types of generations in the present time. Gum disease is widespread due to irregular hygine and improper diet. Many spend less than two minutes brushing and flossing their teeth in a busy and tight schedule. 


Moreover, the diet we intake also plays a significant role. The young generation needs to plan their diet and end up intaking acidic drinks or making smoking their habit. We cannot pinpoint the young age apart from this; the kids also need a proper diet; they usually intake sugary food items and candies, which they can only live with. In all these situations, gum disease is very common. 


To prevent and treat it, continue reading the article to learn more about available treatments. 



What is Periodontitis?


This is a type of gum disease that might lead to several bacterial infections that might support all the areas around the teeth. 

If this type of deaiese is left untreated, there are chances of the deposition of plaque and tartar. 


Now you might be wondering what does Plague mean?


Yes, the Plague is the sticky type of film made of bacteria. If this type of problem is left untreated, then there are chances that this can spread into the deeper areas of the underlying bone.  


If the Plague is not treated, then this might cause tartar which is also a severe type of Plague that will lead to the further destruction of the gingival tissues. 


What are the symptoms of a Periodontist?


Here are some of the common periodontitis symptoms :


  • Swollen gum 
  • If you have pain in the gum.
  • There are also chances of blood from your teeth while brushing or on any other occasion, even by touching.
  • When you feel the bad breath, that does not go after brushing or using any sought-of mouth freshener. 
  • There are also chances of substantial size due to the recession of the gums. 
  • If you see teeth loosening or sensitivity in the gum, this can also be a symptom of the Periodontist.


What is the treatment of the Periodontist?


This has to be treated on time so that this will not cause any further consequences or any other problem related to oral hygine. 


The periodontitis treatment depends on how severe or minor the problem is and also on the different Stages of Periodontitis.


  • If the condition is mild, this is usually treated by cleaning done by a professional dentist or dental hygienist. The excellent treatment process involves scaling and root planning. The scaling process will include the teeth' surface and below the gum line. In addition to that, the root planning process will remove the tartar, and the surface of the root will help to prevent the Plague and bacteria from going onto it. 


  • This will also need the proper hygine to maintain successful treatment. 


  • If the condition is on average or moderate, it will take multiple sittings of the scaling and rooting process to heal the gum completely, then reattach itself to the teeth. If this treatment does not work effectively or bring positive results, the dentist will ask you to undergo the surgical treatment process.


  • If the case is very severe, then this will be treated by the surgery process, which explains that this is the surgical treatment. There are chances that the problem has reached the maximum level, leading to tooth loss or gum recession. 


Conclusion :


We hope you liked the article; now it is easy for you to identify whether you have a periodontist. If the symptoms match the situation you are facing, then it is advisable that without further do, you should take a dental checkup right now at Dentist Near Me. You should ensure and consult with Emergency Dental Care that this can be treated on time so that this will not cause any further problems. 



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