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Can You Do A Dental Implant Same Day?

Do you have an infectious tooth causing unbearable pain? Or you may have missing teeth and are left with a less-than-perfect smile. Are you wondering what you can do to restore your pearly whites and perfect smile?


Same-day Dental Implants Near Me are widespread and popular in the orthodontic world. Because traditional implant treatment can take months; however, same-day dental implants could restore your smile in significantly less time. But the question arises how do same-day implants work? Are they durable enough?


Here is an article for you in which you will learn both pros and cons of same-day dental implants. This might be new for you, so you should know before considering it.


What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Simple, same-day dental implants are the most suitable way to get a perfect smile. So, instead of spending too much time at your dental office waiting for new teeth, you can get in just one visit. 




For traditional implants, there’s a very lengthy process. Initially, your dentist extracts the affected tooth, then waits 3-4 months for the socket to heal. After that dentist inserts the implant and waits for another 3-6 months; only then will they place a crown on the implants.


However, with same-day implants, the Dental Implant Procedure is much quicker in nature. You need three dental visits, one for consultation, surgery, and finally, for follow-up.   


But the dentist office near me may complete the implantation in just one visit. That means no waiting period for healing, and this means you get a perfect smile in a quicker way than you say.


What Are the advantages and disadvantages of Same-Day Dental Implants?

For some, th quick process sounds good to be true. But how effective is it? Is it durable enough like a Houston Dental implant?


The advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day implants are getting more and more efficient. Ths success rate for these surgeries is sky-rocketing. Here is a list of same-day implant surgery include:


  • You’ll leave the office with a perfect smile
  • In this, it is easier for the implant to fuse to the bone as compared to traditional
  • The more straightforward healing process for the gums
  • Implants keep bacteria away from the healing socket
  • In this procedure, you’ll leave the office with a free mind and provide your mouth better appearance.
The Cons of Same-Day Dental Implants

Every time a positive comes with some negative. You should consider them before you select the same-day dental implant treatment.



  • They are Slim but have a higher chance of failure than traditional implants.
  • More bone loss
  • More post-treatment discomfort
  • Longer sitting at one time
  • Generally, the main disadvantage of same-day implant surgery is a higher risk of implant failure. Because same-day surgery can be harder compared to the traditional healing time after that

If you have missing or knocked teeth and are looking for a traditional dental implant, you should visit Dental Implant Specialist Near Me to know what is best for you.



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