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Is wisdom tooth pain a dental emergency?

Adults who have not yet got their wisdom teeth extracted may one day find themselves in a dental emergency, looking for an emergency dentist. Impacted wisdom teeth are unpleasant and critical to your oral health. As impacted teeth begin to explode out of gum tissue there will be a strip of gum tissue above it that might become infected and swelled. This could ache a lot. You might also feel pain burning near your teeth or on your ear on the side of your face.





Disease in the gum tissue that is induced by the infected tooth is termed pericoronitis. If this virus is not handled it will grow to your esophagus. Critical plagues will demand that you go to the emergency dentist near meBecause impacted wisdom teeth are so difficult to clean they may have decayed or caused food to be caught in between adjoining teeth and cause your adjacent teeth to have decayed. This leads to a dental abscess. There is no home medication to treat an impacted wisdom tooth pain. You can take some comfort by washing with warm saltwater in the area of pain. However, it is tough to get beneath the gum tissue without specific devices seen at your emergency dentist. You will have to see the Emergency Dentist near me to get a decent concern for the infected region.


The Common Symptoms of pericoronitis:

  • Pain
  • Swollen face
  • Infected gum tissue
  • Inflammation of the gum tissue in the back of your mouth
  • Trouble opening your jaw
  • Poor Breath
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Discomfort when you open your mouth
  • Pain when eating or consuming.


Most usually, pericoronitis strikes young adults in their mid-20s who are undergoing badly exploding wisdom teeth. Pericoronitis is a wisdom tooth infection. Risk factors for pericoronitis involve the occupancy of excess gum tissue overlying the wisdom tooth and difficult way to the wisdom teeth for precise cleansing.

How long does pericoronitis last?  Pericoronitis can last for days to weeks depending on the hardness. The situation should resolve in around one to two weeks with medication. If the original cause of the infection is not treated, the condition will likely come back.



There are a few complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom teeth, once when they start causing problems, will could never correct by themselves. They could cause some major destruction if you wait too long to address their presence.


  1. Misalignment: All the time and expense which you spent in braces that you went through. Impacted wisdom teeth can destroy all that careful arrangement.
  2. Damage: When a wisdom tooth begins to push up on the second molar, it can damage that tooth too, over or under the gum line. This influence can crowd teeth and, and also if you have not visited the orthodontist yet, they may create a requirement for braces to align the other teeth.
  3. Infection: The sac within which the wisdom tooth grows in the jawbone can fill with liquid and create a cyst that can harm the teeth, jawbone, and nerves.
  4. Decay: Wisdom teeth, whether wholly or only slightly emitted, are tougher to clean because of their position in the mouth, enabling bacteria and food particles to grow and remain captured. Eventually, decay sets in and, without interruption, could grow into gum infection or other diseases that demand more destructive treatment.



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