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Abscess Tooth: Things To Do To Relieve The Pain.

A dental abscess is an infection developed around the tooth muscle or may even inside it. This type of tooth may be very painful. If it keeps spreading, the person may lose the tooth.  

What are the main causes of Abscess Tooth?


The main reasons for tooth abscess are spoiled teeth or severe tooth decay or mostly teeth cavity. It can cause gum disease. These are some of the reasons that are responsible for the infections in the tooth. Generally, a pulp is developed from the untreated cavity inside the tooth. It is said that the bacteria spread all over. It impacts badly the tooth tissue in turn creating an abscess. 


What are the basic tooth abscess symptoms?


Severe pain: The affected person experiences pulsating pain. Generally,  It happens when you bite or chew.

Inflamed Gums: redness and soreness in the gums.

A bad taste: You may experience a bad taste in the mouth.

Fever: You may suffer from fever due to this.

Blood oozing out: Blood oozes out.

Immature Tooth: an immature tooth is a major symptom and leads to toothache.


Tooth Abscess Treatment:


These are some of the dental abscess symptoms discussed below:


Your dentist usually prescribes antibiotics to eliminate bacteria that cause the infection. Also, These antibiotics help you reduce the pain.


The doctor generally drills a hole in the affected tooth to drain out the bacteria and relieve the patient from acute pain.

Sometimes doctors even choose to perform a root canal to eliminate the infected pulp from the tooth.

The tooth is removed if the patient is against the root canal.

To decrease the pain it will be better to take the doctor's advice. He/She might ask you to take painkillers for swollen gums. Generally, your dentist will suggest Tylenol or any such painkillers.


As it is an advanced era, our dentistry has developed advanced technologies and machinery that the treatment procedures have become very easy.  You should consider some of the basic facts in mind while going to have treatment of the abscessed tooth, like If the mouth is very dry then several sips of water should be consumed. Sometimes it is also suggested to chew sugarless gum or even sugarless candy.


Treating tooth abscess is a cakewalk these days; the aforesaid facts give you the basic details of the disease. Doctors should be consulted before any usage of the medicine.

Prevention Of Tooth Abscess:


Stay away from foods and beverages with extreme temperatures - food and beverages that are too hot or too cold can further irritate the layer of the tooth and cause you more pain.

Make sure that you stick to the dosage that your doctor recommended and never take more than you should. Usually, the best treatment for this type of pain is a pain-relief drug that also works to diminish inflammation. The reason behind this is because you have an abscessed tooth, the tissues and nerves are also inflamed.

Raise your head while resting - do this to decrease the pressure on the painful and inflamed tooth.

Since Salt has antiseptic properties so it can help kill or remove bacteria from your gum and tooth, you can gargle your mouth with a salty solution.



You can opt for these prevention methods to have healthy teeth. 

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