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What are the causes of gum disease?

Gum disease is a type of infection of the nerve tissues that help to hold your teeth in the right place.  Generally, it is caused when you have poor oral hygiene habits such as poor brushing and flossing that cause you to build up plaque and tartar.


Main causes of Gum diseases:


Some of the factors that cause gum disease are discussed below:


Change in hormones: In pregnancy, there are several changes in hormones that make gums more sensitive and you are more likely to have gingivitis to develop. 


When you are sick:  If you are suffering from diseases like cancer, HIV that can affect your immune system. Diabetes also affects the body’s immune system as it reduces the body’s ability to use blood sugar. The patients who are suffering from these kinds of diseases have a higher risk of growing infections and having periodontal disease.


If you are on certain medication:  If you are taking some specific drugs that can cause abnormal growth of gum tissue.  Because they reduce the flow of saliva which has a protective effect on your teeth and gums.



If you have some bad habits:  Bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol and caffeine make it more difficult to get gum tissue repaired itself.


If you are not following oral hygiene rules:  people who are following daily oral routine habits such as brushing and flossing can get gingivitis easier to develop.


Furthermore, if you have a history of any dental disease it can be a reasonable factor for the development of gingivitis. To recover from these issues, you should visit a Periodontist as soon as possible.

If you talk about dental health, the primary focus is always on prevention from cavities in your teeth. But you should also pay attention to your gums also. If you have swollen gums or bleeding gums, you are suffering from gum disease. In this case, you need Periodontal Disease Treatment immediately. So that you can take care of your overall oral health. 


Moreover, there can be other reasons that can cause gum problems, but you should try to reduce them by doing some steps such as brushing in the right way because if it goes wrong it can harm your gum tissue as it is very soft.

Gum abscess:


It is a kind of raised swelling that looks like a pimple besides the affected tooth. It is also called "draining fistula”  which is about to break to release pus from it. Other symptoms of having an Abscess Tooth can cause a bad taste or bad breath. To get it treated visit the dentist office near me.


Steps to get an Abscess Tooth to be treated:


  • Remove the abscess by making a small incision with a dentist.
  • Having the root canal therapy.
  • Taking some prescribed antibiotics.


To finish the treatment and be done successfully you should consult an Emergency Dental Clinic.   The dentist suggests the right treatment. It can be Root canal treatment, can suggest a tooth extraction to remove the abscess to eliminate the infection.


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