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What Are Your Restorative Options When You Need A Tooth Extracted?

Missing a permanent, mature tooth due to injury or infection can generate severe issues. When a tooth is missed, not only does it affect one's look, but neighboring teeth and overall oral function can be limited. Addressing the obstacle early is the best approach to avoid later issues. When a tooth needs to be plucked out, it is best to discuss with an  the options that Emergency Dental Extraction Dentist are available to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Before tooth extraction:


Expense, time, and oral function should be acknowledged when reviewing treatment options for restoring a lost tooth. Before the tooth is extracted, besides esthetics or personal appearance, the cost and time needed to restore a missing tooth should be evaluated. Often the recommendation of a dental bridge or a dental implant is presented. After a thorough dental exam has been performed, each of these procedures should be considered based upon its individual merits and on an individual's personal circumstances. If the problem is severe consult Emergency Dental Care.


How to Restore a Lost tooth?


A “dental bridge” to restore a lost tooth not only affects the area where the tooth was extracted but the adjacent or neighboring teeth will be involved in the restorative process. Since the adjacent teeth will be crowned, one must deliberate on the impact of crowning the adjacent teeth. Often, if the neighboring teeth are "virgin" teeth, (meaning they do not have any dental restoration in them), typically the thought and process of removing tooth structure are not ideal or desirable; however, if the neighboring teeth are in need of restorations, this treatment option becomes more suitable or appropriate. If you suffer from severe toothache all of a sudden consult an Emergency Dental Care Near Me.


Typically, a single “dental implant” will restore the missing tooth without impacting the adjacent teeth. Since a dental implant affects only the local site, the implant procedure is often considered to be the most ideal treatment. If a dental implant is desired, an Emergency Dental Care Near me is the best place to get attached a bone material in the socket site so the loss of bone structure is minimized for future implant placement. The bone material will require multiple months of healing. After an appropriate amount of healing time, a dental implant is placed in the bone. Once again, multiple months of healing are required so that the implant can integrate into the bone. Eventually, the dental implant can be restored with an implant crown.

When an extracted tooth is replaced by a dental bridge or implant, future missing tooth problems can be circumvented. Shifting teeth, misalignment, and hyper-eruption of opposing teeth can be avoided so that proper occlusion and function can be maintained. If multiple teeth are missing, there is also the option of replacing those teeth with a partial denture. Although a partial denture is a removable appliance as opposed to a fixed unit like a bridge or implant, it does offer a treatment option when multiple teeth are missing.


Tooth Extraction Cost:


The minimum cost of tooth extraction is $250. Costs may differ depending on the dentist, the complexity of the procedure, and how long the procedure will take.


Evaluating all of the treatment options and asking one's dentist to answer treatment questions is a great way to make sound choices. Understanding the risks and benefits of dental treatments help to ensure that the best result can be achieved.


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