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How Long Does It Take Wisdom Teeth Removal To Recover?

The most common surgical procedure is the removal of wisdom teeth or third molars. Most people have 4 wisdom teeth that grow at the last of their gums and are the last teeth to come through them.


After Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure, it usually takes up to 2 weeks to recover from the surgery, and during this duration, you may have swelling in the mouth and cheeks. The pain may be worse for the first few days, but as time passes, it will improve. Some people need stitches to help close the wound; your dentist will remove it after a week. You may need some time to recover if you have bruises or swelling.


Recovery time will be different for everyone. It may take longer if blood clots become dislodged from the injury or the injury becomes infected.



What can you eat?

After your wisdom tooth surgery, you should eat soft or liquid foods to help prevent damage to the affected area or stitches. Some examples are


  1. Soup
  2. Jello
  3. soft noodles
  4. Eggs
  5. mashed banana


To recover soon after the surgery, you must avoid eating food that needs chewing, sticky food like candies, hot or spicy food, and avoid eating hard food that may hurt your wounds.


Returning to daily activities.

Healing time may differ from person to person, and some people heal faster and return to work after wisdom teeth removal. If you have a strenuous work background, ask your oral surgeon for better suggestions, as you should avoid any strenuous activities after the wisdom tooth extraction.


How to speed up the healing process:

The wisdom teeth removal recovery can be fastened when blood clots will form from where the dentist has removed the tooth. These blood clots are good for healing fast because they:


  1. They help prevent the flowing of extra blood
  2. It helps in protecting the wound from further infection and allows new tissue to grow to

Protect the bare bone.


How long does it take to get relief after wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Avoiding strenuous activities, consuming sticky or hard food, and taking self-care is key to relieving wisdom teeth surgery pain. If the extraction site becomes visible, you might feel extreme pain.


How to reduce swelling

During the extraction of a wisdom tooth, you may cause some swelling around your mouth. You need to eat food that is not hard and avoid eating them for atleast 1 week to let it cure completely. To reduce the swelling, including ice chips, ice packs, and cold compresses.



Your dentist may recommend an Anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naproxen to help reduce swelling.


Sometimes swelling can occur due to food pieces stuck in that area. You can rinse your mouth with salt water or an oral rinser suggested by your dentist.



If you have severe dental issues, recommend Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Me. However, it only takes two weeks to recover from wisdom teeth removal if you take the prescribed medication and care as your Emergency Dental Clinic suggests. Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost can vary depending on the case, locality, and the experience the dentist is having.



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