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Is Composite Filling Good For Teeth?

Composite fillings are a restorative process that dentists use to repair and restore your decayed, cracked, and fractured tooth and give a perfect smile. Emergency Dentistry Near Me removes your infected tooth's decayed or affected area and fills it with a composite filling. 


Several methods for restoring your smile with filling materials are available, and each has pros and cons. Your dentist will recommend the best restorative materials that will work best for you according to your location, cost, and durability of your filling. Most dentists use composite and silver amalgam material for dental filling. Because composite filling both aesthetically and give long-lasting support to your tooth, also they are tooth colored and closely match your existing teeth.


As with most dental restorative treatments, Front Tooth Filling is not live long and may replace someday. However, they are durable, will last almost a decade, and give you a beautiful hygienic smile. 



What are the reasons for composite fillings?
  • chipped tooth repair, Decayed, and Worn teeth
  • Close the Gap in between your teeth
  • Cracked, fractured, or broken teeth
How are composite fillings placed?

Your dentist takes just one sitting for your composite filling treatment. They will numb your teeth with the help of local anesthesia and removes decay as necessary. Then the infected site will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the placement of new filling material.


Suppose the bacteria reaches nearly significant to your tooth's nerve. In that case, your dentist will place a particular medication to protect your tooth and then composite filling. They will polish, shape and restore your tooth to its original and natural appearance.


Your repaired tooth performs the same functionality as other teeth. But, you may feel sensitive to hot and cold food or drinks after composite filling restorative treatment. Urgent Dentist Near Me will carefully explain both advantages and disadvantages of your procedure during your first consultation day. Good dental hygiene practice, diet, and regular dental checkups will aid life in your new restorative procedure. 



Benefits of Composite Fillings

What makes composite filling material safer than the old-fashioned, silver ones? The composite filling doesn't include mercury, which makes it healthy for your tooth as compared.


Composite fillings are stronger and more durable as compared to silver filling treatment. Moreover, the white composite filling does not expand or collapse in response to temperature change. Hence it won't be stretched in excess as compared to silver filling. 



Your new dental filling will prevent bacteria from penetrating your nervous tissue and blood vessels. It also prevents your teeth from bacteria buildup from the former cavity. It saves you from immeasurable pain and tooth extraction treatment. If untreated, your tooth structure is at risk of tooth loss. However, if you visit 24 Hour Emergency Dentist Near Me regularly at least two times a year and brush & floss your teeth twice a day can prevent your teeth from cavities.



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