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How can I improve my gum disease?

Gum disease can easily go unnoticed and cause irreversible damage to the threat unless it is treated by a skilled Periodontist. Periodontal disease is the result of a serious bacterial infection in the areas around the tooth's root. This causes slow reduction of the bone and subsequently loss of the tooth itself.





What causes pericoronitis?



A dentist near me can tell you that bacterial plaque is the key cause of periodontal disease. Plaque is a clear and highly adhesive film that forms on the teeth. Another major cause of the periodontal disease is the use of tobacco and smoking. While smoking is known to cause a range of health complications, it is also one of the most significant causes of gum disease. The genetic makeup of a person also makes him or her more or less prone to gum disease. It has been estimated that approximately thirty percent of the population is more prone to gum disease because of their genetic composition. The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy may also increase the chances of gum disease as it affects related tissues. The overall health may also be affected by medications such as heart medicines, antidepressants, and other oral contraceptives. Gum disease may also be exacerbated by the grinding of the teeth.



What symptoms might you experience in periodontal abscess?


Knowing about gum disease symptoms can help ensure that you make a timely visit to a dentist open near me. Symptoms of gum infection include


  • mouth pain,
  • bleeding gums
  • an increase of spaces between teeth
  • tender or swollen gums
  • receding gums
  • In danger of additional gum disease



Consistent bad breath and appearance of pus between the teeth, sores in the mouth, and any changes in the bite or alignment of the teeth should also not be ignored. If you have any of these symptoms, it is vital that you consider visiting a dentist.




Subsequent to being diagnosed with periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend that you undergo non-surgical periodontal treatment. However, if you are suffering from the advanced stages of gum disease, gum surgery may be the best option. The San Bruno dentist's recommendation about treatment options will greatly depend on how quickly the gum disease is detected and the speed at which it is advancing.


Can gum disease be cured?


Scaling and root planing are the best practices to remove the hard tartar and gum disease from the mouth. This is done in order to clean the mouth completely without leaving even a bit of food in the mouth. Antibiotics combat bacterial infection and thereby prevent tooth decay. Sometimes surgeries also become required to get the best and remove the problem from the root cause. Surgery is required when normal treatment breaks to manage the infection or a person suffering from gum disease already had damaged the gum and teeth. There are different kinds of surgery performed as per the condition you are dealing with.




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