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Tooth Extraction: What Are The Different Types?

A person's smile is incomplete without the presence of healthy gums and healthy teeth. At the dentist office near me, you will get professional advice on how you can maintain good dental hygiene to prevent toothache, bleeding gums, and tooth decay.



Tooth extraction near me is the last course of action most people want to take. You can explore various solutions at a dental office near you and the professional may advise on the correct mode of treatment.


Emergency Tooth Extraction is the method of extracting a tooth from the dental socket of an alveolar bone. Some contributing factors that could lead to the need for emergency tooth extraction near me are; tooth decay, dental trauma, toothache, and periodontal disease. Wisdom teeth can also be doubtful due to the shortage of growing space.


Reasons For Tooth Extraction:


  1. Irreversible tooth damage due to severe decay
  2. A feasible solution to periodontal disease
  3. Removal may help an impacted tooth
  4. To reduce teeth overcrowding
  5. Required treatment after an accident


There are two types of dental extraction:


Simple Extraction:


Generally, your dentist will be able to perform a simple tooth extraction under a local anesthetic. The tooth is loosened with a dental elevator and once loose is removed using dental forceps. Following the extraction, your dentist will provide information on how to care for the wound over the coming days.


Surgical Extraction:


This is a more complicated procedure and may be needed if the tooth has fractured at the gum line or is doubtful such as wisdom teeth that have not struck through the gum yet. Surgical extractions are generally conducted by an oral surgeon. In such cases, Your family dentist may recommend you treatment from a specialist. Extraction is a painless process however you can expect to feel some pressure.


Can there be complications from the procedure?


Tooth extraction is a medical procedure performed by dentists and oral surgeons. Your dentist will advise you on the appropriate care to avoid any complications. After the procedure, if you experience infection, prolonged bleeding, swelling, bruising, problems with adjacent teeth, contact your dentist immediately.


Dentists and oral surgeons are highly qualified to perform extractions. They execute the procedure very precisely and carefully. Also, they ensure that their patients do not experience any complications during\ after the procedure.



What is the Cost?


Your dentist will advise extraction costs at your consultation. If a surgical procedure by an oral surgeon is required, the cost will be higher than that of simple tooth extraction.


Tooth extraction cost:


The average cost of single tooth extraction in Houston is $200. The price may vary depending on the type of extraction (simple/surgical ) this can go as huge as $500.


When you have a broken or injured tooth, tooth extraction becomes necessary. Therefore, visit a dentist or oral surgeon immediately. 



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