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Tooth Extraction: What Are The Risks And Complications?

A dental extraction is the process of pulling out one or many teeth that overcrowd our oral cavity. Only a qualified and certified dentist should do this procedure because of the many factors that should be considered. Temporary teeth in younger children will fall out sooner or later with little to no effort at all. Of course, some of the bigger ones will need to be extracted even if they are temporary. Permanent ones grow into their place soon after. It is the permanent teeth that need to be cared for to ensure that they do not decay or chip off. Once these are removed, nothing will grow after. Dental treatment and remedies are the only solutions to having a complete set again. Make an appointment at Emergency Dental Near Me to get tooth extraction treatment.

Causes of Removal:


A tooth extraction usually happens when the person has damaged or rotting teeth, cavity on front tooth. Our pearly whites are basically strong and hardy but with carelessness and inadequate care, they may become damaged and rotten. They cannot be left to rot in the gums because bacteria that eat through them can infect the bone underneath or the gums themselves. Other teeth can also be affected by plaque and decay. Regular visits to an oral health care practitioner help to maintain the state of the oral cavity to make sure that there are no decay or tooth infection symptoms. Another reason for removal can be to accommodate more growth in the oral cavity. Some people may develop more than the normal number of teeth and the extra ones should be extracted. Tooth extraction might also be done for irregularly placed pearly whites at Emergency Dental Care Near me.


Risks and Complications:


Infection is one of the biggest concerns of dentists after a removal. The exposed tissue can develop an infection because of the presence of food and other bacteria that may enter the oral cavity. The constant movement brought about by talking and eating can also aggravate the situation.


After the procedure, the dentist usually prescribes an antibiotic to prevent the possible development of an infection. In some cases, the antibiotic is prescribed to be taken several days before the procedure. Swelling in the affected area is also a common occurrence after the tooth extraction. The assault to the tissue or the bone can bring this about.


Anti-inflammatory medication is also prescribed for post-operative recovery. A fragment of the root or any other part can also break and be left embedded unto the gums. Clean removal is imperative because if a small part is left, it may need a follow-up surgery to extract it to prevent an abscess or an infection. A swallowed or inhaled tooth can also cause problems such as a lung abscess or pneumonia.

To help prevent the possible risks and complications, it is important to follow the recommendations and prescription of the oral health care practitioner for pre and post-tooth extraction care. This precaution lowers the risks and helps to make the operation and the recovery period easier.


tooth extraction cost:



Simple extraction usually requires between $75 and $200 per tooth and maybe more relying on the type of anesthesia you require during the process. The cost to extract impacted teeth is significantly higher and may range between $800 and $4,000.

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